2016 Elections and the impact on the Filipino Community

What now? Join us for a town hall forum regarding the results of the recent US presidential elections and discuss how this will affect the Filipino community.

What: Town Hall Forum
When: Sunday, January 29, 5pm-7pm
Where: Philippine Community Center (124 Mallory Ave, Jersey City NJ 07304)



Cristina A. Godinez is an attorney who has helped non-citizens navigate U.S. immigration and nationality law for over 10 years, while advocating on behalf of highly vulnerable immigrants. She has successfully represented a trafficking victim in one of the earliest cases that led to the grant of humanitarian benefits including permanent resident status. She is an attorney at the Migrant Center of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi providing low-cost legal services to the immigrants in metro New York. She is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and is herself an immigrant.

(more coming soon)

Sponsoring Organizations:
Migrante New Jersey
Anakbayan Nj
Filipina Women’s Organizing Committee
Philippine American New Jersey Jaycees
Nafcon National Alliance for Filipino Concerns
Philippine American New Jersey Jaycees
(more coming soon)

For more information, email us at migrantenj@gmail.com

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